Simplifying beginnings.

You don’t need to be an expert to make choices in your everyday life which lead to sustainable health in the long term. Our team of nutritionists and researchers has that covered for you. Beginners will find it a piece of cake (a healthy one!) to inculcate our range of products in their meals and reap the benefits by covering deficiencies in your diet.

A Sustainable Future Food

We at Truusome have developed our product with natural ingredients harnessing the power of AI and Ayurveda to complete your nutritional needs while keeping the harmful components, often found in artificial nutrient enhancers, at bay. Extensive laboratory and clinical tests can testify for this. All this, so you can rest assured to take advantage of our products for nutritionally fortified meals.

Our Products…

Allow you to enjoy your favourite food,


Keeping your Iron, Cholesterol and Sugar levels healthy


Our vegan and all-natural ingredients help save on carbon emissions and wastage of water in our production cycle. We take immense pride in acknowledging that we have saved up to 1,48,552 kilograms of CO2 emissions till now. This bolsters our belief that plant-based products are the future, and we plan to tread on the path of sustainable growth for our green and blue home planet.

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Consumers won’t get enough of your tasty foods when they taste the same and yet are highly nutritious. Our partners are growing their businesses by serving it, and you can too.

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