Giving you,
the Quality you deserve.

By using seeds and plants, we create simple yet nutty-flavored premixes with ayurvedic techniques for you to get the best nutrition for your body.

Enjoy your food

We ensure all the essential micronutrients you crave are in our plant-based products without sacrificing any taste, nutrition, or health. It’s true. Plus, there’s no cholesterol, no added sugar, and no gluten.
So mix it with, Smoothies, Cookies, Flour, Shakes and enjoy good health & good taste

What's in Truusome?

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Simply made from plants.

Being techies, we use AI to short-list plants that contain all the good stuff and then combine them to brew up magical potions of health! Okay, maybe we are more wizards than techies. Our products are good for you and for the planet! (without any “*”). So hog it up and feel proud!

We believe that’s the future of food.

People aren’t getting enough of our Truusome products

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