Making Nutrition,
a basic right

Truusome is leveraging algorithms to develop the most convenient and effective way of getting nutrition and at the same time, we want all people to reap its benefits! To pursue this cause we look at it as a basic right that every child should have. What’s more? To make this realizable we are fuelling this notion of spreading nutrition with no T&Cs and profits in mind. Get in touch with us to know more about our endeavors!

For NGOs & Hospitals

Our Equal Future Program

Do good, feel good, right? If you’re on this mission to create a greater impact, then Truusome is ready to help!
We work with NGOs and hospitals that are active in feeding underprivileged kids, taking care of the elderly, and/or help in providing for the patients. We will make sure of their micronutrient intake and necessities, to help them with their overall health. Apply for our Equal Future program and get our products at a 0% margin.

For Educational Institutes

Our Brighter Future Program

Our future generations should get everything that they need! So, at Truusome, we seek to collaborate with educational institutes and help make sure that all students have access to adequate nutrients they require for overall mental as well as physical development.
We strive to help schools and colleges all over the world to make meals healthy without having to invest more capital or operational costs! So get on board and apply for our Brighter Future Program to avail of all our products at landing cost!

Current Collaborations & Activities

Blind People’s Association

Jeevandhara Old Age Home

Bank of Baroda CSR Fund

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