We have a huge green thumb and we are proud of it!

We take immense care in making sure our product life cycle is sustainable and scalable in a way that never would impact the environment around us negatively. By sourcing our materials for local producers, re-defining our production techniques to minimize wastage of resources to not using plastics in packaging we take our green thumb seriously.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization,
Internal LCA(Life Cycle Analysis) at Truusome

Removing Need on Animals,
Last Mile

We understand the phrase live and let live perfectly. Our product provides better nutrition and vitamins as compared to many non-vegetarian options. Furthermore, it is easier to integrate into your current diet rather than making a mess cooking salmon. So why not?

AI as the Nutritional

We use AI to find the most effective way to deliver you the essential micronutrients and vitamins in a safe and efficient way. Our algorithms parse through tons of ingredients to confirm the best brew to deliver on our promises.



Liters - Water Saved


Kilograms - Co2 Emissions Saved


Acre - Land Footprint Saved

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